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Student Training

In order to meet the manpower requirements of the Industry, we at Elantra Consultants put great value in collaborating with Industry in ensuring that our students acquire the right knowledge, skill and aptitude through training. Student training is the most familiar training delivery mechanism.

We Bring To You :

  • Safe, quiet, clean environment, away from the noise work area.
  • Group interaction enhances learning. Students learn from one another as well as from the trainer.
  • Structured classes, delivery hours and well-equipped and controlled facilities provide a great learning environment.
  • Students get hands-on experience with the subjects being taught.

Delivery Process: Our Delivery Engine is equipped with competent Resources & Processes to ensure zero defect execution.

Performance Management: We proactively work with our clients, faculty members and other stake holders. Our pre-defined process identifies tracks and monitors the performance of our faculty and execution of the process.

Back up of Trainers: For every training need we identify minimum one backup trainer reachable in 12 Hrs.

Feedback & Improvement: Every Module-wise feedback is obtained from, analysed and the same is discussed with concerned stakeholders. Suggest the improvement methods and monitoring the performance.

Keeping Pace with the emerging Technologies: a) Work with a core group of senior members to research, upskill & reskilling on new technology to be always ahead. The same info to be shared with all faculty resources to meet industry requirements.

Client Satisfaction Management: Periodic customer surveys and personal interaction with all stakeholders.